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5.1.3 Setting Up the Database

Growing the database into a lively and attractive world is of course an on-going, never-ending process. When you're just starting out, the primary concerns are installing the necessary programs and setting up some kind of organization.

Initial Tidiness:

If you used the minimal database with an eye toward setting aside low dbrefs for Very Important Players and the like, @create some things to hold the dbrefs until needed, before you create other objects.

  @create 2
  @create 3
  @create 4
  @create 5

Then, when you want to use a low dbref for a player, @recycle the appropriate object and immediately @pcreate.

> @rec #2
  Thank you for recycling.
> @pcreate Agamemnon = bartlegast
  Player Agamemnon created as object #2.

Setting up at least a minimal environment tree now, while things are manageable, also saves effort later on. Most MUCKs end up with a storage room for MUFs, a room for new players to start in, and a guest room. Most also have a central meeting place. Use whatever structure you like, but something like the following should work well while you're getting started:

                         Room #0
                  Main Environment Room
                  |                   |
         IC Environment Room    OOC Environment Room
                  |                   |
            Village Well              |_ Guest Room
                                      |_ Player Start
                                      |_ MUF Vault

(See Section 2.2 for information on parenting rooms.)

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