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1.3 Getting a Character

The MUCK server has a provision for automatic character generation, but usually this is disabled. Instead, you'll need to send email requesting a character. The contents of the email you send will vary from MUCK to MUCK: some simply ask for the character name you want, others require your real name, your age, and your state or country of residence. Help files on the MUCK or people online should give you more specific information. Typing news registration or news join for a helpfile or staff for a list of people responsible for answering such questions are good first steps for finding this information.

Once your character is approved and created, you will be sent email containing the character's name (usually the name you asked for) and your password. Sometimes you request a password; sometimes it is randomly assigned. Random passwords may be changed to something memorable once you connect. Passwords are case-sensitive: `flipFlap' and `flipflap' are two different passwords.

Character creation by this method usually takes a day or two.

On MUCKs that allow automatic character creation, use the create command at the log on screen:

> create Cashmere flipFlap

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