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3.1.1 MPI Macros

Frequently used portions of MPI code can be defined as macros, by setting properties in the _msgmacs/ directory of an object located in the command search path (see Section 2.3.3. Macros defined in the _msgmacs/ directory of room #0 can be used by all players and objects.

An example: To define a global `look-notify' — a macro that tells users when someone looks at them — we could set the following property:

 @set #0=_msgmacs/look-notify:{null:{tell:*{name:me} looked at you*,this}}

Some standard MPI macros are listed here. Wizards can copy these macros to the MUCK's global MPI macro directory. Alternatively, players can copy individual entries to _msgmacs/ directory on themselves or objects they own.

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