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3.2.1 Mucker Levels

There are — in effect, if not literally — five MUF permission levels: 0 to 4.

Mucker Level 0 refers to players who do not have a Mucker or Wizard bit. They cannot create new programs or use the MUF editor. MUF programs owned by them run as if they were Level 1 Muckers.

Mucker Level 1 players are `apprentices'. They can use the editor and create M1 programs. Their programs can only retrieve information about objects in the same room. For example, #123 name will fail if object #123 is not in the same room as the user running the program. M1 programs always run as if they are set Setuid. Output (from NOTIFY, NOTIFY_EXCEPT, and NOTIFY_EXCLUDE) can only go to players in the same room, and will usually (depending on server compiler directives) be prefaced with the user's name. They cannot use ADDPENNIES. M1 programs have an instruction-count limit of about 20,000 instructions.

Mucker Level 2 players are `journeymen'. They can use most but not all MUF primitives. They can create M2 programs, and set programs they own M2 or M1. M2 programs are limited to about 80,000 instructions.

Mucker Level 3 playes are `masters'. They can set programs they own M1, M2, or M3. They can use the connection information primitives (CONDBREF, ONLINE, etc.), can read the EXITS list of any room, can use NEXTOBJ on objects, can use NEWROOM, NEWOBJECT, NEWEXIT, and COPYOBJ without limitations, can use QUEUE and KILL, and can override the permissions restrictions of MOVETO. There is no absolute limit on M3 processes' intruction count.

Wizards and wizbitted programs are effectively Mucker Level 4. They can set programs they own M1, M2, or M3, and W or !W. They can use primitives not available to other Mucker Levels, including RECYCLE, CONHOST, FORCE, and SETOWN. All properties are readable and settable by Wizard programs.

The effective Mucker Level of a program is its own Mucker Level or its owner's Mucker Level, whichever is lower. There is one exception: Programs owned by wizards who do not have a Mucker bit set run at Mucker Level 2, unless the program is set Wizard.

To set Mucker bits, use just the number as a flag: @set cashmere=2.

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