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2.1.5 Registered Names

Objects can be specified by `registered names' as well as by names and dbrefs. A registered name is an alias that can (like a dbref) be used regardless of the object's location, but (like a name) consisting of a memorable string. The primary use is to provide a convenient, memorable way of specifying an item, regardless of its location and ownership. For example, a player on a large MUCK might have a puppet with a long, difficult to remember dbref, such as #128629. If the player frequently wanted to teleport the puppet to her from somewhere else, she would need to either memorize the dbref or repeatedly retrieve it with the @find command. As an alternative, she could give the puppet an easy-to-remember registered name such as `pup'. From that point on, the puppet could be specified with the name `pup' preceeded by a $ dollar sign, rather than by dbref.

Players can create registered names — usuable only by the player — with the @register command, syntax @reg #me <object> = <registered name>. (The information is stored in the player's _reg/ directory.)

> @find Squiggy
  ***End of List***
  1 objects found.
> @reg #me #128629 = pup
  Now registered as _reg/pup: Squiggy(#128629XZ) on Jessy(#2PWQX)
> @tel $pup = me
> i
  You are carrying:
  You have 5086 pennies.

Individual registered names may also be set when an object is created. The standard creation commands — @create, @dig, @action, and @open — each take two optional argument fields, separated by = equals signs. The first of these fields is specific to each command; the second field for all four may be used to specify a registered name.

     @create <name> = <cost in pennies> = <reg name>
     @dig <name>    = <parent room>     = <reg name>
     @action <name> = <source>          = <reg name>
     @open <name>   = <link>            = <reg name>

> @create Mary Poppins Umbrella == umbi
  Mary Poppins Umbrella created with number 226.
  Registered as $umbi
> ex $umbi
  Mary Poppins Umbrella(#226) Owner: Mistral
  Type: THING
  Created: Fri May 09 14:33:47 1997
  Modified: Fri May 09 14:33:47 1997
  Last used: Fri May 09 14:33:47 1997
  Usecount: 0
> ex me=_reg/
  ref /_reg/umbi:Mary Poppins Umbrella(#226)

> @dig OOCafe = #143 = cafe
  OOCafe created with room number 225.
  Trying to set parent...
  Parent set to OOC Environment(#143RL).
  Room registered as $cafe

> @open Enter Garden = $garden = gogard
  Exit opened with number 224.
  Trying to link...
  Linked to Secret Garden(#455R).
  Registered as $gogard

Wizards can set global registered names — usuable by all players — syntax @reg <object> = <registered name>. A frequent and convenient use of global registered names is to provide an alias for publicly available programs such as `do-nothing' and `obvious-exits'. Without global registered names, players would need to find the dbrefs of these programs each time they needed them for building purposes. Since the players do not control these programs, finding the dbrefs can be difficult. (To create a personal registered name as a wizard, use the #me> option: @reg #me <object> = <registered name>)

> @find obv
  ***End of List***
  1 objects found.
> @reg #2002 = exits
  Now registered as _reg/exits: gen-Obvexits(#2002) on The Void(#0R)
> @succ here = @$exits
  Message set.

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