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Setting Up the Database (cont't):

Tuning System Parameters:

The @tune command lets you adjust a number of system parameters. Type `@tune' without arguments to view the parameters and their current settings. Most can be left at their default settings. Of those that you may want to change, some only make cosmetic or formatting changes, while others significantly affect the operation of the MUCK. The following are some parameters you may want to change. The syntax for resetting a parameter is `@tune <parameter> = <value>'. The value must be compatible with the data type indicated in the left column of @tune output: (str), (bool), etc.

These parameters can be freely changed to alternate save messages. Note, however, that some players configure clients to be triggered by the ## characters in a save message. So, it's a good idea to keep this format: enclose your new save messages in ## double octothorpes ##
Declaring new currency denominations is a time-honored wiz pastime.
  muckname This you should change. Set it to the name of your MUCK. It's a good idea to use a muckname setting that does not include any spaces.
You may want to supply something more imaginative for these.
  dump_interval Four hours is the default interval between saves. This is quite workable, though it's often shorter on new MUCKs and longer on large, established ones.
  max_pennies If money is signifcant on your MUCK, you may want to lower this. Note that M2 Muckers can make very simple programs that give pennies freely. (This will eventually be changed in fb6.0+.)
  penny_rate Lower this if you want fewer `You found a penny!' messages; raise it if you want more.
It is unlikely that you will need to change these. However, if for some reason you believe your server is performing poorly, you may wish to try adjusting these system-performance parameters.
  playermax_limit The default limit is 64. Higher limits allow more players, but setting an unreasonably high limit wastes memory.
  listen_mlev This parameter controls the minimum Mucker level of programs which can be called by _listen. The default is M3, which is a good choice. The decision whether to raise or lower it should be based on how closely player programming is monitored.
  player_start This should be changed. Set it to the dbref of the room where you want new players to start.
  use_hostnames The default for this parameter is no, but tuning it to yes is convenient. Wizards see connection information when typing `WHO*' (use `WHO' without the asterix for normal formatting). With use_hostnames set to `yes', domain names rather than numeric IP addresses will be shown for all players logged on. Note: the change won't be immediately apparent. Host names will be supplied for players who log on after you tune the parameter to `yes'; those who are logged on now will still have numeric addresses.
Whether or not to log and what you do with the logs are fairly significant decisions. See also Security Concerns and Privacy Issues. As for the technical aspects of logging, note the following:

  • All commands (including says and poses) entered by wizards are logged, regardless of the logging parameters. If log_commands is off, and you want to have a private discussion that won't go into the logs, set yourself Quell.

  • Log files pile up. You will need to follow some schedule for deleting old log files. (The files are in the server directory game/logs.) Either by hand, or with a script, or with a crontab script that runs automatically, follow a routine for copying the current logs to storage files. For example:

       mv com2 com3
       mv com1 com2
       mv commands com1

    Doing this once per day, say, will keep one-day- old log_commands files in `com1', two-day-old logs in `com2', three-day-old logs in `com3'. After three days, they're gone.

    Raw logs are difficult to read. If you do need to review log files, mastering the UNIX `grep' command will be very helpful.

  dbdump_warning deltadump_warning Until your MUCK grows to past several thousand objects, full saves will take only a couple seconds, and delta saves will be practically instantaneous. You might want to turn these off, out of anti-spam sentiment.
  realms_control The Realms Wizard system has advantages and disad- vantages. See Using the Realms Wizard System.

The remaining parameters can safely be left at their default settings. For a (terse) description of what each parameter does, see the entry for SYSPARM in Section 3.2.5, MUF Reference.

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