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1.4.3 Talking

The say command (abbreveated as a " quotation mark) causes your character to say something hearable by all other characters in the same room. Thus, if Cara's player types...

    say Hi there!


    "Hi there!

people in the same room will see

    Cara says, "Hi there!"

Characters can communicate via gestures or `poses' as well as speech. The pose command (abbreated as a : colon) causes your character to do something seeable by all other characters in the same room. So, if Cara's player types...

    pose waves.



people in the same room will see

    Cara waves.

The pose command handles punctuation intelligently, omitting the space between the character's name and the pose when the text begins with punctuation. Thus, if Cara's player typed...

    :'s going to go see a friend

characters around her would see...

    Cara's going to go see a friend.

rather than

    Cara 's going to go see a friend.

You can communicate with a specific player, or a group of players, rather than the whole room, via the whisper command (abbreviated as `w' or `wh'). The syntax is w <name or names> = <message> For example, if Clearsong's player typed

    w cashmere = What say we blow this joint?

...Cashmere would see...

    Clearsong whispers, "What say we blow this joint?" (to

If Clearsong's player had typed w cashmere cara = I thought that was illegal., both Cashmere and Cara would receive the whisper. To format a whisper as a pose, put a colon before the whispered message. For example, Cashmere could answer Clearsong by typing...

    w clearsong = :nods.

Whisper will search the room for partial name matches. Thus, if there is no one else named Clear<something> present, typing w clear = :nods would send the whisper to Clearsong. The whisper command `remembers' the last person you whispered to, so to continue a whispered conversation, the name may be omitted: w = <message>.

You can communicate with people in other rooms via the page command (abbreviated as `p'). The syntax for pages, page poses, and pages to multiple players is the same as that of whisper: p <name or names> = <message> (for a page) and p <name or names> = : <pose> (for a page pose). Like whisper, the page `remembers' the last person you paged to and the name may be omitted.

(Note: Spaces have been placed around the = equal sign in the above examples for clarity. The spaces are not necessary, but can be included.)

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