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2.0 Commands

Section 2 documents server commands and the user-created commands provided in the standard start-up database.

2.1 Overview: Dbrefs, Names, Flags, Properties and Lists

All objects on a MUCK, of whatever type — Player, Thing, Room, Exit, or Program — have a unique identifying number, a `database reference number', or `dbref' for short. Multiple items may have the same name. The type and behavior of all database objects are determined by flags and properties. Both are ways of storing information about the object. Of the two, flags control more basic or fundamental aspects of the object. It might be helpful to think of flags as something that determine what an object is and properties as something that determine what features or attributes and object has (a property is in many ways comparable to an `attribute' on MUSH). Multiple properties can be combined to form a `list'... a collection of props that together act much like a file or document.

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