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1.6 Getting Help

There are a number of online resources for getting help with questions or problems.

The server command help (syntax help <topic>) provides online documentation of many (but not all) server commands and features.

Many (but not all) user-created commands follow the convention of including a #help function (syntax <command> #help). For example, you can get information on using the page program by typing page #help. MUF and MPI both have online documentation: for MUF, type man <topic>; for MPI, type mpi <topic>.

Additional information can be found in the news and info files. Typing either of these commands should show a list of topics. The news and info files are written and updated by a wizard; their content and quality will vary widely.

The staff should also be able to provide help and information: type staff or helpstaff to get a list of available staff members. Smaller MUCKS may not have a separate helpstaff; in this case type wizzes.

And, there's always The MUCK Manual.

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