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2.2.1 Droptos

If a room is linked to another room or to a thing, the object linked to will serve as the room's `dropto'. A dropto is a location to which dropped objects will be moved.

> @dig Lost and Found = #102 = lnf
  Lost and Found created with room number 198.
  Trying to set parent...
  Parent set to OOC Environment(#102RA).
  Room registered as $lnf

> @link here = #102
  Dropto set.
> Drop bic
> @contents #198
  Bic Four-Color Ballpoint(#1237)
  ***End of List***
  1 objects found.

If a room's Sticky flag is set, the drop-to is delayed until all players have left the room. To remove a dropto, @unlink the room. To remove a Sticky bit, type @set here = !S.

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