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Linking to the Rest of the Muck: Worst-Case Scenario

If you want to link your home to the rest of the MUCK, and no programs or staff members are able to do this for you, you will need to work in concert with another player (the owner of the room where you want your home to be). The two of you will create two exits: one leading from your home to the other person's room, and one leading from the other person's room to your home. By working together, you will be able to work within a basic security restriction: a player may not attach an exit in a room owned by someone else.

There are a number of ways to accomplish this, and a number of different orders in which the steps could be performed. The method and order in the following example will work fine. Cashmere has dug his den, and he has found a place where he'd like to put his home: The Deep Dark Woods, owned by Fin. Cashmere and Fin go to the Deep Dark Woods together and begin. Both players will set their rooms Link_OK, so that others may make exits that lead to them. Fin will make an exit in the Woods, leading to the Den (she owns the Woods, so she can make an exit there, and the Den is set Link_OK, so she can link the exit to the Den). Cashmere will use the new exit to go to his Den. From there, he will make an exit leading out to the Woods (he owns the Den, so he can make an exit there, and the Woods are set Link_OK, so he can link the exit to the Woods)

C>@set #1234 = L    (* Cash sets Den Link_OK *)
  Flag set.
F>@set here = L    (* Fin sets Woods Link_OK *)
  Flag set.
F>@open Cashmere's Den;cd    (* Fin makes new exit *)
  Exit created with number #5222
F>"What's the dbref of your room?
  Fin says, "What's the dbref of your room?"
  Cashmere says, "#1234"
F>@link cd = #1234    (* Fin links exit to Den *)
  Linked to Cashmere's Den(#1234RJL).
F>"OK, done. `Cashmere's Den', alias `cd'"
  Fin says, "OK, done. `Cashmere's Den', alias `cd'"
C>"What's the dbref here?
  Cashmere says, "What's the dbref here?"
  Fin says, "#3209"
C>:nods... "Thanks. BRB."
  Cashmere nods... "Thanks. BRB."
C>cd    (* Cash uses new exit to go to Den *)
  Cashmere's Den(#1234RJL)
C>@open Out;ou;o    (* Cash makes a new exit *)
  Exit created with number #5223
C>@link out = #3209    (* Cash links exit to Woods *)
  Linked to The Deep Dark Woods(#3209RJL)
C>@set here = !L    (* Cash sets Den not-Link_OK *)
C>out    (* Cash uses new exit to go to Woods *)
  The Deep Dark Woods

F>@set here = !L    (* Fin sets the woods not-Link_OK *)

Finally, note that it is quite feasible to simply move in with someone else. All that is necessary is that the other player's home be set A or Abode. This flag lets other players set it as their homes. To do so, simply go there and type @link me = here.

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