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1.5.3 Locking Yourself

On some M* servers, locking yourself is a very worthwhile precaution, preventing other players from taking things from you or picking you up. On MUCKs, locking yourself really isn't crucial. The server won't let you pick up players, and it won't let you take things being held by other players. If you are not locked, people can `rob' you, which means that they take one of your pennies. Most players have several thousand more pennies than they need.

Nonetheless, you can lock yourself by typing @lock me = me. (Locks are discussed in Section 2.)

A more practical issue is that of `handing' and `throwing'. You may or may not wish to allow people to hand and throw things to you. Both are convenient, but it is possible to abuse the hand and throw commands. Abuses range from throwing objects to someone who does not wish to be disturbed (a minor annoyance) to handing someone an innocuous looking object that can eavesdrop on their conversations (an offense that merits being banned from the MUCK). Most players do allow handing and throwing.

To allow handing, type hand #ok. To allow throwing, type throw #ok and @set me = J. To disallow them, type hand #!ok and/or throw #!ok. Both are disallowed by default. (hand and throw are user-created commands, but most MUCKs have them.)

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