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1.5.2 Setting your Sex and Species

Your sex does not have to be male or female, but it's recommended. From time to time you'll encounter programs or commands that format their output based on the user's sex (pronoun substitution is the most common instance). No harm will be done if your sex is something other than male or female, but the program output may look a bit strange.

To set your sex, type ...

    @set me = sex : <value>

Your species can be anything appropriate to the MUCK. On MUCKs where everyone is human, the species prop is often used to indicate a profession or social position.

To set your species, type ...

    @set me = species : <value>

Many MUCKs have a user-created command that shows the sex and species of everyone in the room. The most common is WhoSpecies or ws. Type ws to see if it's available on your MUCK.

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