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2.4 User-Created Commands

We have used the term `user-created commands' throughout the manual to indicate `add-on' commands created by the wizards or players of a MUCK. Most other issues affecting such commands — the command search path, exit priorities, locks, etc. — have been discussed at various points above.

Because efficient and flexible commands can easily be added to a MUCK, the platform is highly customizable. In general, this is a Really Good Thing: MUCKs can be continually improved and tailored to their population's needs, without hacking the server code, which often results in bugs and invariably results in innumerable versions and patch levels of the program.

On the downside, you can't assume that something you've learned on one MUCK will work exactly the same way on a different MUCK. And, The MUCK Manual cannot provide a complete reference for any given MUCK.

Most MUCKs do share a core set of standard programs, libraries, and commands, distrubuted as the `standard database'. Discussion of the standard commands is provided in Section 2.7, User-Created Command Reference. The programming libaries are discussed in Section 3.2.6, MUF Library Reference.

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